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Comparator's services adopt an end-to-end, comprehensive view of the value chain for the product-markets that they cover: from channel strategy and origination, via new business results, on-going business operations, resourcing and infrastructure to retention.  All studies use exhaustive techniques for measurement, comparison and interpretation to offer detailed insights into financial performance, cost efficiency, process effectiveness and productivity and overall business economics.

Comparator’s studies are characterised by high standards of client service, independence and impartiality, rigorous investigation, total confidentiality and security of clients' data, detailed quantitative analysis, insightful qualitative commentary and thought provoking presentations. Each study addresses the critical issues that are at the forefront of the management agenda. Studies are vital in-puts to the review and enhancement of business strategies.  Comparator's studies are highly confidential and are not published publicly. 

Each study culminates with the presentation of meaningful insights and the review of achievable opportunites for improvement that are relevant, and exclusive, to each client institution. Presentations use executive summary score cards, critical issues analysis and value driver techniques to compare the performances of peer institutions. Conclusions are reviewed within senior executive forums of each constituent institution.  All comparator’s studies are developed to meet clients’ needs for insights and are refined in light of feedback from subscribers and industry dynamics.

In 2014 comparator will deliver its benchmarking and market diagnostics services to institutions competing in key sectors of retail financial services and wealth management: Home Loans, Savings, Deposits and Transaction Accounts, Financial Planning, Investment Platforms, Private Client Wealth Advisory to name a few.  Please call us to discuss the studies that will be delivered in 2014 and others that are in the development pipeline for strategic financial products and national markets. The firm will serve the overwhelming majority of Australia's premier financial institutions, including major, regional and international institutions